Photo of Ed Y

Focus on: Ed Y

On paper, his name may be Edmond Yandrisevits, the Vice President of Engineering at Effort Foundry. But to colleagues and customers alike, he’s simply Ed Y.

Ed Y has been with Effort Foundry, Inc. for over 32 years and is this quarter’s choice for “Employee Spotlight.”

In addition to regularly interacting with and providing technical support to customers, Ed Y oversees the foundry’s pattern shop, completes daily processing sheets, and troubleshoots the foundry, among other duties.

He landed his first job at Effort in 1980 in the pattern shop at the original Effort location after studying construction technology in college. Although the job was not exactly related to his studies, he found himself applying skills he had acquired, such as reading blueprints and envisioning how a casting will appear at the end of production. Since then, Ed Y has worked in a variety of roles, including general manger, before becoming Vice President of Engineering in 2000.

While working at Effort, Ed Y has enjoyed the challenges of complicated orders and working with “good people.” Above all, though, he is most proud to have witnessed Effort’s growth from a small facility to the dynamic foundry it is today. He was one of a handful of employees who helped to physically place equipment in the new foundry in Bath in late 1980, and he has played key roles in the company’s subsequent expansions.

“Seeing it grow from 12-15 employees and making basic castings to the business we are now with all of these good people and the great work we’re doing, and knowing I’ve been a part of the entire growth—it’s a great feeling,” he said.

For Ed Y, the honor of being named Employee of the Quarter is proof that he continues to do the best he can to provide customers with the best product—his primary goal over the last 32 years.

“I’m happy to do the best I can to make sure everything gets done in a timely and economically efficient manner. I’m happy to make the customers happy.”

When he’s not working his hardest to please Effort customers, Ed Y, who has lived in Nazareth his whole life, enjoys spending time with his family (he has two grown daughters), golfing, skiing, and mountain biking.

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