Photo of Renee Sapone

Focus on: Renee Sapone

Renee Sapone is a lifer.

The third person hired for the Effort Foundry office plans to work here “until the end.”

“I’m still here, and the other two originally hired have retired,” explains Sapone, the office manager. “We have a saying around here that some of us are lifers. I’m one of those.”

Sapone joined the Effort team in 1984 as an administrative assistant after working as a bank teller. A regular bank customer who worked at the plant told Sapone of the secretarial opening and recommended she apply for it.

After working in the Effort administrative office for eight years, she left the position in 1992 to raise her three daughters (Lena, 20, Larissa, 17, and Lexi, 11) with her husband of 21 years, Larry, who works for the Plainfield Township Roads Department.

The Effort team welcomed her back in 2001, and she received the promotion to Office Manager in 2005.

Her regular tasks include invoicing, shipping, accounts payable and receivable, setting schedules for President Bill Easterly, and arranging his travel.

As the Office Manager, Sapone finds Effort an enjoyable place to work.

“Overall, I enjoy the general work and the people,” she says. “I like them because they’re fun, and nothing is routine—every day there’s a different challenge.”

One of the challenges Sapone faces is keeping records and information straight for each company Effort supplies castings to.

“Each company has a specific way they want things taken care of as far as processing, shipping, and invoicing,” she explains. “It can be challenging when you are dealing with many different shipments in one day.”

Her lighthearted coworkers, though, help alleviate any stress or difficulties that may arise from those daily challenges.

“In all the years I have been here, there are so many great memories,” Sapone says. “It is very seldom that I am not laughing during the course of the day about something that happened or was said. I work with a great group of people who have become a part of my family.”

“She’s the lifeblood of the organization,” says President Bill Easterly. “There are so many things in this business that depend on Renee moving them forward. We would be very hard-pressed to find someone with the same combination of job-specific expertise and passion for what happens here in the foundry.”

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