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New Equipment

Tinker Omega Mixer

Effort has added a 2011 Tinker Omega 50-lb. continuous mixer with smart pumps for multiple aggregate feed (including ocium, chromite, zircon).

The mixer will enable Effort to offer a wider variety of materials to its customers, making our castings an appropriate fit for even more industrial applications.

Magnaflux CSV-10

In our never-ending quest for the highest quality, Effort has added a Magnaflux CSV-10 10,000 amp full wave DC output inspection unit.

Fischer Scientific FERITSCOPE

To allow the direct determination of the exact ferrite content of cast austenitic and duplex stainless steel, Effort has added a Fischer Scientific FERITSCOPE to its arsenal of fine measuring instruments.

Caustic Leach Tank

We’ve added a caustic leach tank for improved efficiency in removal of proprietary cryrogenic ceramic cores from our high-integrity shrouded impellers. The system uses a bath of KOH/NaOH at temperatures close to the boiling point for the solution to break down the ceramic core residue in impeller passages, yielding an impeller with no residual ceramic in blind areas of the waterway.

The 255-gallon unit is built of heavy-gauge stainless steel and designed for 2000-pound load. It has a volumetric footprint of 30” x 36” x 34”.

125 hp Curtis Air Compressor

Our new 125 hp model features a variable speed for high-energy efficiency. It joins a 100 hp Curtis unit to complete the total upgrade of Effort’s air-making facility.


The new digitally controlled, three-zone, pre-heat/post-weld localized heating unit is capable of reaching 1300°F with controlled ramp-up. Blankets are 84 in2 each.

Three-Ton Molding Crane

The addition of our new Yale three-ton molding crane completes a three-year upgrade of all of Effort's cranes and hoists. This project included standardization of all cranes to one manufacturer to facilitate maintenance.

Photo of the Tinker Omega Mixer
Tinker Omega Mixer
Photo of the Caustic Leach Tank
Caustic Leach Tank
Photo of the Pre-Heater