Effort Foundry Casting School

Effort Foundry Metal Casting School

Metal casting hands-on training at no cost to you.

Choose your option to have technical, administrative or purchasing personnel learn foundry basics from Effort Foundry metal casting experts.

... at your facility

... at Effort Foundry

... from 2 hour to 6 hour sessions

All sessions cover metal castings including pattern making, molding/core making, sand technology, melting/pouring, heat treatment, inspection/upgrading, NDE radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrate methods.

All sessions include hands-on molding and pouring ... even those sessions at your location.

The more your staff understands the metal casting process, the more efficient your firm will be in purchasing and processing castings — saving you $$$.

Contact us today to schedule your training — it is our pleasure to serve you.


It takes Effort to make quality steel castings.