Our flexibility, experience, technological capabilities, and in-depth materials expertise enable us to service those industry players and aftermarket suppliers who have the most exacting requirements. This broad range of end uses includes those in corrosive, high-temperature, or caustic environments.

Primary industries served include:


Whether you produce single- or double suction pumps, centrifugals, vane- or rotary models, Effort is your first call. Our ceramic core process yields precision impeller cores that produce as-cast waterways with a C30 typical finish, improving pump efficiency by as much as 10%.


Effort’s cast valve components are ideal for precision and industrial pump valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and all manner of flow control hardware.


Our experience with low-alloy, carbon, and stainless steel as part of our engineered fabrication, castings, and core production make us an excellent choice for a range of nuclear applications.

Power Generation

Quick-turnaround is always important, but it’s especially so in power generation applications. For your next repair shutdown or emergency failure, let our reputation for rapid turnaround and “right-the-first-time” quality put your mind at ease.

Other Industrial Applications

Effort’s knowledge of specific applications doesn’t mean that we sacrifice breadth for depth; quite the opposite, in fact. The lessons learned over the years apply to every casting we make. For thermal treatment components, mining applications, or virtually any other end use, Effort’s experience is your strategic advantage.